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About Michelle Flanagan
Michelle Flanagan
is truly unique in that she has suffered with, and healed herself of Anaphylaxis—an ‘incurable’ allergy that can lead to Michelle's story

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Sydney: Call 045 075 4747 for a face-to-face session, 
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Michelle Flanagan's Story on Channel 7's Today Tonight
Peanut Allergy Survivor Michelle Flanagan tells story on Today Tonight
Channel 7
21 March 2012
YouTube Views: 57k+
Today Tonight: Michelle Flanagan's Airline Case for Peanut Allergic Passengers
Channel 7
August 2000
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Reaction! 20 Minutes to Live
Triumph Over an Invisible Enemy
A world first journey back to perfect health and 

Imagine you have been pronounced ALLERGY-FREE by your medical team after 35 years of living with a deadly peanut allergy? Against all odds Michelle was. A remarkable and must read memoir. READ MORE >>

Health Intelligence & Healing
Private Sessions/Seminars & Workshops
Book an Appointment with Michelle Flanagan
Trainer, public speaker, bio-compatibility consultant, Master Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, Master of Hypnosis, and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Call 045 075 4747 or request an appointment online...
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Spiritual Intuitive Healing
Mark Vincent Flanagan Spiritual Healer
Not only has Mark lived most of his life on the receiving end of life threatening allergies as Michelle Flanagan's brother, he is also a Spiritual Intuitive Medium and Healer. He conducts readings in Ireland and the UK. Click on Mark's name above to view his profile and/or to book a reading.
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Solfeggio Sound Frequencies
Solfeggio Sound Frequencies
A sensational series of musical compositions based on ancient mathematical scales and legendary frequencies...
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Aromatherapy Using Sound
Restore the Olfactory Sense (smell) using Sound
If your olfactory sense (smell/nasal passages) or respiratory system is overly sensitive, then why not use an alternative: Specially encoded sound frequencies designed specifically to treat, restore and heal a variety of ailments.
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Discovery and Guidance
Hair Analysis and WELLNESS Programs
WELLNESS Program and How to Identify 400+ foods/products Bio-Compatibility using a Hair Sample
Hair analysis test to identify the body's biological compatibility with a wide range of foods, drinks and household products. This also includes a 4 - 6 month Wellness Program guided by Michelle Flanagan, author of Reaction! 20 Minutes to Live and leading authority on the path to allergy freedom.
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