About Michelle Flanagan
Michelle Flanagan is a certified trainer, public speaker, bio-compatibility consultant, Master Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, Master of Hypnosis, and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), accredited by the International Hypnosis Association. She has also studied food and nutrition, sound & color therapy and energy healing.
She has a lifetime of experience on conquering almost impossible challenges; has traveled the world despite limitations that came with deadly consequences; has volunteered as Travel Officer for the anaphylaxis support group in Australia (1998 - 2001); and has been an accredited First Aid Trainer in Australia since 2009. She facilitates nationally recognized courses and workshops in Europe and Australia, and has helped hundreds of people around the world faced with similar life challenges that she overcame. Her coaching sessions and training embody her own first-hand personal experience and rare perspective on living with and then without a life-threatening health condition.

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Michelle's life story in brief
Michelle was born in Dublin, Ireland. She is truly unique in that she has suffered with, and healed herself of Anaphylaxis—an ‘incurable’ allergy that can lead to death. Not only did she live with the condition for over three decades, she has also lived without it since 2006.

Michelle reached a health crisis when she was only thirty-five years old, faced with the threat of cancer and Grave’s disease—an autoimmune disease of the thyroid gland. Limited by treatment choices due to multiple deadly allergies (peanut, shellfish, penicillin, and insect venom), she would embark on a remarkable journey deep inside the world of anaphylaxis seeking answers. This is where she would find the path to freedom and perfect health—living without the threat of a life threatening condition since 29th May 2006. 

Michelle Flanagan

Through the unique journey outlined in her book Reaction! 20 Minutes to Live, Michelle shares a wealth of knowledge and experience of severe allergies learned over a lifetime. 
Michelle has lived in Sydney, Australia since 1996.
Sydney: 02 9314 1022 or 0403 391 115 to book a face-to-face session with Michelle, 
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In the Media

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Reaction! 20 Minutes to Live
by Michelle Flanagan

Also available in ePUB and PDF for Adobe Digital Editions and iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch format.

Imagine you have been pronounced ALLERGY-FREE by your medical team after 35
years of living with a deadly peanut allergy? Against all odds Michelle was.

Reaction! 20 Minutes to Live is a remarkable and must read memoir. READ MORE >>

"A captivating healing journey from within to without life threatening illness."
Mikey Graham
Boyzone (singer)

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