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Author Biography

Born in Ireland in 1969, Michelle Flanagan is truly unique in that she has suffered with and healed herself of Anaphylaxis—an 'incurable' disease that can lead to sudden death. This makes her a world first to naturally conquer this condition, even after a lifetime of suffering. 

Michelle's story has attracted media attention from around the world. She has been featured on Channel 7 News, Sky News, The Irish Times, Today Tonight, Triple J Radio, The Australian, the Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science Newsletter, and B Magazine.
She has also been the acting Travel Officer for Anaphylaxis Australia (Formerly known as F.A.C.T.S) (1998 - 2001). 

Michelle has a background in developmental psychology, is a certified trainer, public speaker, and Master Neuro-Linguistic-Programmer (NLP) accredited by The International Hypnosis Association.

Michelle has formally studied food and nutrition for three years, worked as a chef in Germany for two, and was the lead developer of Kellogg's DI Calculator (daily food intake calculator). 

She has a Bachelor’s degree in design and is a published illustrator, with her work appearing in Men’s Health Magazine, Inside Business Success, Money Guide, The Layman’s Guide to Security, and the Munich Irish News. Her online portfolio of published work may be found at:
Michelle in the Media

Feature News | Issue February 22 - 28 2012
Michelle finds new life after recovery from severe allergy by Luke O'Neill | View Article
or visit
Dubliner beats fatal allergy wins new life | Irish Echo

Michelle Flanagan's Story on Channel 7's Today Tonight
Peanut Allergy Survivor Michelle Flanagan tells story on Today Tonight
Channel 7
21 March 2012
YouTube Views: 57k+
Today Tonight: Michelle Flanagan's Airline Case for Peanut Allergic Passengers
Channel 7
August 2000
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As Featured On:

B Magazine
Life Reality July 2001

One Kiss Could KILL Me
"Simply walking past a Thai restaurant could land Michelle Flanagan in hospital. The 32-year-old..."

View article

Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science
IMVS Newsletter Number 39 Spring 2000

Allergies and airlines

"Brad Clifton reported in the Advertiser (Wednesday August 9th) on a case between Michelle Flanagan and..."

View article
IMVS Website:

What is Anaphylaxis?
Anaphylaxis is the most acute form of allergic reaction that can be fatal. It must be treated as an emergency that requires immediate treatment and urgent medical attention.

Symptoms of an acute allergic reaction or anaphylaxis:
The body may be engulfed in hives or an itchy rash. The face, lips, eyes, and tongue may swell; the airways narrow; the person may find it hard to breathe, they may experience nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, and a sudden drop in blood pressure.

Photographs from left to right: Author, Michelle Flanagan experiencing the early signs of an allergic reaction approximately five minutes after applying moisturizer to her face. The product did not have ‘peanuts’ listed on the label. The photograph on the right was taken approximately ten minutes later. Michelle was in an ambulance on her way to the nearest emergency room to receive urgent medical attention not long thereafter. (Images available for print upon request.)

Common triggers of anaphylaxis:
Food such as peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, sesame, soy and wheat; Insect stings/bites such as bee, wasp and jack jumper ant; Medications of both over the counter and prescribed; latex; and sometimes exercise.

More about anaphylaxis: Reaction HQ Blog

Allergy Statistics Around The World

  • Estimates from a skin test survey suggest that allergies affect more than 50 million people in the United States. Results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 1987
  • Australia, New Zealand, The United States, The United Kingdom, and Ireland have the highest prevalence of allergic disorders per-capita around the world.
  • A recent nationwide survey found that more than half (54.6 percent) of all U.S. citizens test positive to one or more allergens. Results from the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2005
  • The Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) reported in 2007 that the numbers of diagnosed allergy cases are predicted to double every five years.
  • Australia has one of the highest rates of allergy worldwide (International Study of Asthma and Allergies in childhood––ISSAC) and the prevalence of allergic conditions continues to rise (Gupta et al 2007; Mullins 2007; Poulos et al 2007).
  • Approximately 6 to 8 percent of children and up to 4 percent of adults in the United States (US) are affected by food allergy. Sicherer, SH, Sampson, HA. 9. Food allergy. J Allergy Clin Immunol 2006; 117:S470.
  • Adolescents represent a particularly important cohort for education. Approximately 2 percent of teenagers have food allergies, yet they account for more than half the deaths from food related anaphylaxis. Risk taking is common in this group (Sampson et al 2006).
  • There has been a marked increase in prevalence of food allergy and anaphylaxis over the past decade. In the UK, there has been a 500% and 700% increase in admissions for food allergy and anaphylaxis respectively in the 15 year period from 1991–2006 (Gupta et al 2007).

Available upon request

  • Photographs: Author Michelle Flanagan
  • Artwork: Front and back cover: Reaction! 20 Minutes to Live
  • Photographs: Allergic/anaphylactic reaction (Michelle Flanagan)
  • Video footage of Michelle Flanagan from early childhood to present. 
  • Michelle Flanagan medical certificates, legal documents, etc., before/after anaphylaxis if required
  • Sample chapters: Reaction! 20 Minutes to Live
  • Certificate copies of Michelle Flanagan's professional qualifications
  • Contact details of some of the people mentioned in the book


USA: American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI)
Child allergy alert
One in every 13 Canadians has a serious food allergy
Ireland: The Food Safety Authority Ireland

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