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Digestive Health Anti-Parasite Zapper

How does the anti-parasite capsule work?
The capsule is an electric device that switches on once it encounters the body fluids inside, and produces a noticeable tingling and quite forceable zapping, and even some involuntary spasms.
It is used in Russian Hospitals to treat allergies and other digestive health related disorders. It evolved as part of their Magnetic Resonance Therapy, a sort of acupuncture without needles and an offshoot from the Space program.

The capsule is part of a whole program of natural drugless treatment developed in Russia. It wasnít purposely developed as an anti-parasite device, but as a device for getting the bowel moving again after abdominal operations. It proved very successful in paralytic ileus, according to the published research. The anti-parasite effect only became known as a side-effect reported by people using the capsule for digestive problems.

Benefits (according to Russian Research)

The capsule is officially used in Russia for the following:

  • To generally improve digestion and absorption
  • To improve metabolism, including fat metabolism (cholesterol)
  • To enhance the peristalsis and the regional blood circulation
  • To get the intestines working again after abdominal operations
  • Chronic constipation
  • Improve the state of health in diabetes
  • In proctology, it can be used as a suppository, with proven good effect on the gastro-intestinal tract
  • It also treats the postate and genital organs
  • It may increase the sexual performance
  • It can be used in the vagina, for gynecological problems, erosion of the cervix, candidiasis etc.
  • It can be used in the mouth, under the tongue or behind the teeth, or serious gum diseases and general dental toxicity. Do not keep in the mouth if you have amalgam fillings

The Capsule

The capsule is 5.5 grams. The dimensions 11 x 22.5mm. The material is non -toxic and resistant to the environment of the intestinal tract. Some discoloration may be noticed after passage through the bowel. This is harmless. Average passage through the body is 24 to 36 hours. The strength of the pulse current is 10 mA, the amplitude 4.5 V, the frequency 50 hertz. It consists of two hemispheres, which serve as electrodes.

The capsule expels gallstones. On its way through the digestive tract the device causes the gallbladder to contract convulsively. Patients have reported up to thirty gallstones in their motions, as they searched for parasites. The Russian medical research confirms the gallbladder stimulatory effect of the device.

More information
How to take the capsule

The official Russian medical research says:

  • The stimulation of the gastro-intestinal tract enhances the peristalsis of the intestines and also the regional blood circulation.
  • There is a positive effect on the metabolism, including lipid metabolism (cholesterol).
  • The entire complex of metabolic and trophic processes are influenced.
  • The recovery of intestinal motility reduces the extent of endo-toxaemia, enhances the neuro-psychological status and reduces the manifestations of the astheno-neurotic syndrome (M.E., postviral syndrome etc ).
  • The electric stimulation of the gastro-intestinal tract, and particularly of the duodenum, restores the pancreas function.
  • The improvement of the pancreas functional status positively affects the course of type 1 diabetes mellitus.

The Main Signs of Parasite Infestation

  • Feel tired most of the time / Chronic Fatigue / Exhausted/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Digestive problems / gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhoea
  • Chronic constipation / Irregular bowel movements
  • Low energy / Low stamina
  • Always getting sick / Feeling down / catching flu
  • Food sensitivities and environmental intolerance / Food Allergies
  • Developed allergic-like reactions and canít understand why?
  • Have joint and muscle pains and inflammation often assumed to be arthritis?
  • Suffer with anemia or iron deficiency (pernicious anemia)?
  • Have hives, rashes, weeping eczema, skin ulcers, swelling, sores, papular lesions, itchy dermatitis, itchy anus
  • Suffer with restlessness and anxiety?
  • Experience multiple awakenings during the night particularly between 2 and 3 am?
  • Grinding teeth
  • Have an excessive amount of bacterial or viral infections?
  • Depressed?
  • Difficulty gaining or losing weight no matter what you do?
  • Did a Candida program which either didnít help at all or helped somewhat but you still canít stay away from bread, alcohol, fruit, or fruit juices?
  • Just canít figure out why you donít feel really great and neither can your doctor?
  • Itchy ears, nose, anus
  • Forgetfulness, slow reflexes, gas and bloating, unclear thinking;
  • Loss of appetite, yellowish face
  • Fast heartbeat, heart pain, pain in the navel;
  • Eating more than normal but still feel hungry;
  • Pain in the back, thighs, shoulders;
  • General lethargy
  • Numb hands;
  • Burning sensation in the stomach;
  • Drooling while sleeping;
  • Damp lips at night, dry lips during the day, grinding teeth while asleep;
  • Bed wetting;

Who should NOT take the anti-parasite zapper capsule?
You must be sure your digestive system is completely intact. If you have a history or cancer, severe diverticulitis, bowel narrowing or obstruction, donít take it. Donít take it if you are of a nervous disposition, or if you have a history of psychiatric problems. The capsule is an electric device, which switches on once it encounters the body fluids inside, and produces a noticeable tingling and quite forceable zapping, and even some involuntary spasms. The spasms are actually quite harmless.

It is not suitable for young children or nervous animals.

Other contra-indications include: pacemakers, internal lesions, organic lesions of the central nervous system, with intra-cranial hypertension, epilepsy, kidney stones feverish conditions, active tuberculosis, grave ischemic heart disease, desired pregnancy, acute thrombo-phlebitis, mechanical ileus, cicatricial stenoses, internal haemorrhages, jaundice caused by blockages, cholelithiasis, urolithiasis.

How much does the anti-parasite zapper capsule cost?
$89.95 AUD

DISCLAIMER; Reaction HQ are making no medical claims or promises for this device, merely reporting on the research surrounding this device in Russia over the past 13 years. While already registered in 1O countries as an official medical device, the anti-parasite capsule has so far not been registered in the USA or in the EU. Plans are afoot to do so. Currently the capsule can only be ordered by individuals for their own personal use in those countries. 

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